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Platinum Trade Frames are your local trade made-to-measure aluminium window supplier. Supplied to trade only, FREE quotations.

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Aluminium Windows - Trade Supply

Platinum Trade Frames supply made to measure double & triple glazed aluminium windows in Solihull & Birmingham. 

Our modern aluminium windows come with excellent weather performance, security and large number of colour options. 

Made from the highest quality, we have access to some of the UK’s leading aluminium window suppliers including Smart. Because we deal directly with manufacturers, you can be assured a great trade price. Our Aluminium Window trade range include:

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We buy directly from some of the UK’s leading manufacturers of windows, doors and conservatories. We have the power to negotiate great trade deals with these manufacturers, which allows us to pass on savings to you. Savings that you otherwise would never get, because most manufactuers only sell to their local network of suppliers (us). We guarantee great prices, so get in touch today.

Key benefits of our Trade Aluminium windows

Energy Efficient

Our Aluminium windows have U-values as low as 0.71 W/M2k. This energy performance easily achieves the U-value requirements set by UK government standards. This in turn helps your customers reduce their property’s energy consumption and helps save money on bills.

Safe & Secure

Aluminium has a very high strength-to-weight ratio, compared to uPVC. This means that less aluminium is needed to handle large amounts of glazing in comparison to alternative window materials. Aluminium provides a contemporary style, with less bulky frames and more generous glass surface areas.


We provide aluminium tilt & turn, overswing, and casement windows. These can be configured to almost any shape or size. Regardless of style, all still excel in performance, with exceptional strength, aesthetics, and energy performance. With aluminium, you have the flexibility to meet every project demand and customer preference.


In comparison to uPVC manufacturing, the heating process of powder-coating is much more effective, reliable and longer lasting. With over 150 colour tones featured in our supply range, this helps you as installers provide a hugh variety of colours available to your clients.

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Our suppliers can provide the following types of aluminium windows:

Side Hung
Top Hung
Tilt Turn
Sliding Horizontal
Sliding Pivot